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Office Cleaning

Custom-Tailored Office Cleaning Services

At Peachu Cleaning Services, we offer custom-tailored office cleaning packages. We make sure to provide a hassle-free office cleaning experience so you can focus on other important matters. We promise to give your office a fresh and pristine look and feel, making it highly attractive for potential clients!

Here's an idea of what's involved:

office cleaning services
  • Cleaning common areas such as Cafeterias, meeting rooms, & break rooms.​

  • Vacuuming & Mopping all floors

  • Clean & Sanitize all touchpoints

  • Clean & Sanitize railings & doorknobs

  • Dust all shelves & wall art

  • Dusting/ polishing surfaces

  • Dust all ceiling air vents

  • Clean & polish mirrors, glass, & chrome

  • Restock toiletries.

  • Clean & Sanitize sinks, commodes, urinals, countertops, grab bars, & changing tables

  • Spot clean restroom walls

  • Trash removal & more.....


Get in touch with us to get an obligation-free quote for our Office cleaning services!

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